5 Proven Strategies for Writing Compelling Blog Post Headlines

John W Hayes
2 min readJan 13, 2023
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A good blog post headline is crucial for attracting readers to your content. A well-written headline can be the difference between a reader clicking on your post or scrolling past it. In this article, we will share five tips for writing effective headlines for your blog posts.

Keep it Short and Sweet

A headline should be brief and to the point. Aim for a maximum of 10–12 words. Long headlines can be overwhelming and discourage readers from clicking on your post.

Use Action Words

Include action words in your headline to make it more compelling. For example, action words like “how to,” “tips,” and “secrets” can entice readers to click on your post and learn more.

Use Numbers

Lists, tips, and statistics all make for excellent headline material. Using numbers in your headline can make it stand out in a sea of text. For example, “10 Tips for Writing a Great Blog Post” is more eye-catching than “Tips for Writing a Great Blog Post.”

Be Specific

Be specific about the topic of your post in the headline. This will help readers understand what to expect from your post and make it more likely for your post to show up in search engine…



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