Writing Your First Blog Post + The Next 3 Steps

I have an artist friend who tells me she hates looking at a blank canvas. She has to somehow create a mark (often simply smudging a dirty finger) on the empty space before she can find her creative spirit and start to paint. Many bloggers face a similar challenge. They know all the benefits of blogging but just cannot find the inspiration to write that first post. They too need to create a mark on the page and start writing.

My best advice for bloggers struggling to find the inspiration to create and publish that first post is to start as you mean to go on. Your first post should just be useful.

Note: Many bloggers think the best way to start a blog is to introduce themselves and set-out the objectives of the blog. There are two things wrong with this approach. (1) Nobody is interested. (2) You’ll never stick to your original objectives.

The best way to be useful is to focus on a problem and show your readers (potential clients) how they can solve it. If you don’t know what problems your potential clients are currently facing, pick up the phone and ask one of them.

Remember: If you can solve a problem for one client, you’ve probably found the solution for many other potential clients’ problems.

Useful also means getting to the point.

If a potential reader doesn’t understand what the blog post is about after reading the headline, you probably haven’t got a reader.

The Next Steps

  1. Keep Writing: Nothing will kill a blog faster than stopping writing. It may take a while to build traffic. Blogging is a long term strategy. Your persistence will be rewarded.
  2. Cross Pollinate: Use your blog to feed your social media activity, your email marketing campaigns, your PR strategy and any other content-led marketing initiatives. Great content can be recycled, re-appropriated and re-used across many other channels, so don’t think of its creation as a one-time only endeavor.
  3. Share: Co-marketing services like BoostSuite enable you to share your content with like-minded bloggers, helping you increase your reach and generate traffic back to your site.

What’s stopping you from writing your first blog post? Share your comments below:

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