What’s on Your eCommerce “To-Do” List for 2023?

John W Hayes
6 min readJan 3, 2023

It would be too easy to start this blog post with phrases like “cost of living crisis”, “industrial action”, and “supply chain crisis”, but here at Frooition, we are great believers in a little bit of optimism going a long way. This is especially true if that optimism is backed-up with a bit of extra focus and a lot of hard work.

While many eCommerce businesses are facing challenges in the current economy, now is not the time to sit on your hands and let circumstances weigh you down.

Our motto in 2023 is definitely going to be “optimise everything”, — so let’s bring it on.

Optimise Everything

Optimising everything starts with a good list. Every eCommerce business owner I know has a “to-do” list of things they know they should implement but never get around to ticking off. That list typically includes items like:

  • Optimise Your Marketplace Sales: Building consumer trust is essential when money is tight. However, on highly competitive online marketplaces like eBay, that level of trust is hard-won in an environment retailers have very little control. Branding is one area Frooition can help retailers really stand out from the competition. But we also have the tools available to help optimise every other aspect of your eBay listings to help them stand out in a crowded market. Your eBay listing optimisation journey starts with a free automated report highlighting the areas that require immediate attention. Then, when your marketplace listings are optimised and working harder for you, it’s time to start looking towards your own eCommerce channels.
  • Build a Better eCommerce Site: Retailers understand that they will never be in complete control of their businesses if they are 100% reliant on online marketplaces like eBay and Amazon for their income. However, despite online marketplace sales squeezing margins, when they generate so many orders, it’s difficult to focus on alternative channels. The problem with not ticking an eCommerce site off your list is that so many other items rely on a good online store to implement. As a preferred BigCommerce design partner, Frooition will not only help you build a bespoke, robust and scalable store. Our in-house team of BigCommerce designers and developers can offer you expert…



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