Today’s BIG Marketing Idea: Start Something Small

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I’m not a BIG fan of the BIG marketing campaign. I would much prefer to work on a continuous flow of bite-size campaigns that drive a constant flow of traffic into my business than gamble on the success of one BIG, expensive marketing extravaganza.

The problem with BIG campaigns is that they take a lot of planning, effort and money to deploy and if they don’t quite work out to plan (and what does?) they can cause a BIG headache for you further down the road as you scramble to pick up all the pieces. When BIG campaigns fail, they fail BIG-time.

Yes, small campaign ideas should always be part of a BIGGER picture, but individually they are not mission critical — meaning any failure should not be catastrophic.

Victims of Success

Conversely, BIG campaigns can have another problem. What if they are too successful? Is your business equipped to handle the volume of leads, inquiries and orders a BIG campaign can deliver all at once? There is nothing worse in business than not being able to deliver on a BIG promise.

And what happens to all your clients while you are busy building that BIG campaign? Could they be courted by your competitors in the vacuum between your campaigns?

Small Is Beautiful

Smaller campaign ideas are ideally suited to a number of modern-day marketing practices — including content, email and social media marketing as well as more sophisticated marketing automation techniques. Think of the small individual campaigns as part of an ongoing conversation rather than a major stand-alone broadcast.

Reuse and Recycle

The great thing about smaller campaigns is that they can be wheeled out time and time again with little fear of overexposure. A blog post can become an email, an email can become a podcast, etc. and all of this activity fuels your social media. Remember, a great piece of content will always remain fresh if a potential client has never seen it before.

Start a Conversation

Some ideas will resonate with your audience; others won’t. Wouldn’t you rather hit your clients with a series of targeted messages via your blog, social media and email marketing, improving your chances of successful engagement over a prolonged period of time, rather than dropping a massive campaign and then regrouping to plan and execute your next BIG move?

In marketing, it’s not always about the BIG ideas. Start something small today.

This post first appeared on the iContact Email Marketing Blog.

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