Time Management for Control Freaks: Learning to Let Go

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Everybody gets 24 hours in a day. Some people are naturally good at getting more value out of their day than others, while some have to work really hard at it. But one thing’s for sure: Waste a single second of your allotted 24 hours, and you’ll never get it back.

Control Freaks

In business, I meet a lot of control freaks who want to squeeze as much out of their 24 hours as possible. They forgo sleep, dodge relationships and openly brag about how much harder they are working than everyone else. In entrepreneurial circles, the lack of a work/life balance is followed with almost cultish devotion.

Sadly, many of these people aren’t making the best use of their time.

They refuse to let go of business processes that could function quite adequately without their persistent attention.

A Waste of Time

So they waste time on impossible administrative tasks (getting their inbox down to zero), pointless meetings (because they fear not knowing what everyone is up to) and work that could be done much more efficiently by a trained member of the staff or outsourced help (accountancy, HR, IT, etc.).

Not only are these people wasting their own precious time, they are preventing others from maximizing the potential from their working day. This results in longer working hours and lower morale, and it can impact productivity.

There is also the huge risk of simply burning out. This is when you reach the point where your body tells you that you simply cannot go on any further. Burning out is neither good for your own personal health nor for your business’s health.

Trust Your People

Trusting the people you have hired (after careful consideration of their skills and experience) to get their own work done without your interference is a vital first step in the process of stepping back from being that control freak and becoming a great business leader instead. Setting clear targets and giving people the tools to reach their goals is vital in this process and much more important than micromanaging every situation.

Trust Technology

Smart technology will also help maximize the potential from each and every day. For example, marketing automation technology combined with a good CRM system, will not only ensure you are communicating with your clients more efficiently, it will ensure everyone in your business is kept fully up to date with the progress of any campaigns and projects or any customer issues (as and when the information is required).

Freedom to Succeed

By letting go more, you’ll not only get more out of your day but give your colleagues the freedom they need to succeed. And with the right systems in place, you can maintain the level of control you require without becoming the freak who wastes so much time.

This abridged post first appeared on the iContact Email Marketing Blog.

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