Thought Leadership: Love Your Work Like You Love Your Sports Team

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Positioning yourself (or a prominent member of your team) as an industry expert or thought leader is a vital component of any content marketing strategy. This is because content delivered by an individual within your organization has the potential to add personality to your brand.

Remember: People don’t buy from faceless corporations; they buy from people they like. This is why huge brands spend millions of dollars seeking endorsements from celebrities and other well-known spokespeople.

First Steps

So what are the first steps you need to take when building your reputation as an expert?

First and foremost, you need to demonstrate that you have a real passion for your business. If you cannot get excited about your business, how are you going drive your prospects’ interest? This needs to go beyond the “I love my job” kind of passion. You need to love your work like some people love their sports team.

Think about it. You must know people who are so passionate about their sports team, they know the name of every player, have a photographic memory of every game won (even before they were born) and can deliver a rousing speech about why their team is so important to them. Perhaps you are one of these people.

This is the kind of passion you need to generate for your business if you are to successfully position yourself as a high-profile expert. In the marketing scenario, your teammates are your colleagues, products or services, and customers, and your winning games are best remembered as your customers’ victories (people like to learn how you help other businesses — not just your own bottom line).

When you develop a passion, everything becomes a little easier.

When you have a passion for your business, writing regular blogs posts, building engaging email campaigns, delivering relevant social media campaigns or hosting inspirational speaking engagements becomes so much easier.

This abridged post first appeared on the iContact Email Marketing Blog.

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