The Power of Social Media Communities & New Product Development

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All great products or services must solve real-world problems for your customers and prospects if they are to be truly successful. Despite this, too many businesses continue to develop products in isolation, without first asking their potential end users if they would ever have a need for such an item. Second guessing your audience is a risky business particularly when you are investing considerable time, effort and money into a project.

This is where the power of a community comes into its own.

Every business should have a group of clients who they can turn to when developing a new product. These are people who you can speak to directly, share ideas and discuss how you can help them solve their problems and become more useful.

Many businesses have focus groups which meet in informal environments and chat. Others engage their clients using online forums (the original social networks). But what if you are starting something new and don’t have a ready-made audience to call on?

Do you take a punt and risk everything on a raw idea?

Or do you tune in to the social web and harness the power of a highly vocal community that is hidden just below the surface of many of the world’s social networks, online forums, and other web-based communities.

The fact is, the social web is awash with conversations that can help you plan, develop and optimize any number of new products or services.

With the right listening tools in place, you’ll never have to rely on guesswork again. You’ll find the inspiration and have the confidence to make bold steps forward in the knowledge that your ideas will solve real-world problems, helping you and your clients become great.

Isn’t it time you started developing your products and services with a little help from social media?

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