The Email Marketing App that Saved Christmas

The perfect gift to accompany your Shopify eCommerce store

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It might seem a little too early to be writing about Christmas in September but as busy entrepreneurs; this really is your last chance to get your eCommerce store and marketing strategies in place for the holiday season.

I like to think of the month of September as the calm before the storm. It’s the perfect time to make sure all of your marketing technology is in place and ready for the onslaught that is about to hit the world of eCommerce.

Remember, the holiday marketing season starts in October with Halloween. If you are still testing, optimizing, and training your employees to engage with new tech by fright night, you’ve already dropped the ball and lost a significant amount of momentum in the Christmas push.

Now is the time to make all those business-critical updates to your eCommerce systems. If you cannot guarantee that everything will be in place and operational in the next four or five weeks, it might be better for your business to sit tight and just cope with what you’ve got in place.

Note: Just coping is a terrible business strategy so take the opportunity and act now.

Redefining Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is a bit of an oxymoron. Any advanced eCommerce or online marketing system will require a degree of time and effort to implement and master.

In all my years working in the industry, I’ve been astounded at the level of complexity of much of the tech deployed by online retailers to do what is essentially a very simple job — putting the right products in front of the right people at the right time.

For many small business operators, the bells and whistles that come pre-packaged with many pieces of enterprise software might as well be bells and whistles for all the good they do. Can we really call marketing automation software intelligent when users have to rely on account managers and support teams to manage even the simplest of tasks?

With the start of the holiday marketing season just weeks away, anything you can do to shorten the learning curve and make sure your marketing software delivers on your terms is essential.

This is just one reason why I was blown away by the capabilities of Pathfinder — an email marketing solution for Shopify eCommerce store operators that literally turns once complex (and hard-learned) marketing strategies into active campaigns that can be implemented with just a few clicks.

Whether you want to acquire new customers, convert window shoppers, reduce abandoned checkouts, increase customer happiness & referrals, increase order value, recover lost customers, create promotions, or write newsletters, Pathfinder does it all for you automatically.

While this might all sound too good to be true — if you think about it, as an online retailer you’ve already done the hard work by sourcing great products and creating compelling product listings to your Shopify store. Pathfinder simply combines tried and tested email marketing know-how with some incredibly intelligent software to do the rest. The software will even write your email campaigns for you. Does your marketing automation software do this for you? If not, can it really be called marketing automation software?

Email Marketing that Pays for Itself

Any investment in marketing technology is only as good as the return it generates and in many ways, Pathfinder automates this process as well.

With a free seven-day trial and speed of set-up, many Pathfinder clients generate enough additional revenue to pay for the first month’s subscription (which starts from just $38 per month) in a matter of hours. Hard to believe? Try it for yourself here (no credit card required).

Could Pathfinder be the Shopify app you’ve been looking for to save your eCommerce Christmas?

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