Six Reasons Why Content Is King

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Content is king. OK, while this might be a bit of a cliché and something you have heard a million times before — it doesn’t make the business case for investing in a solid content marketing strategy any easier. Just because someone has told you that content marketing is “great” won’t help you write useful, engaging and potentially profitable content.

In fact, any investment in content without a cohesive strategy behind it will probably be a waste of time and effort. For marketing to be truly successful, it first must have an objective — and before you can set an objective, you need to know what content is capable of doing for your business.

What can you do with content marketing?

To help you out, we compiled the following six reasons why we believe content is king.

  1. It Helps You Drive Traffic: The most obvious reason why organizations invest in content is to drive traffic to their website. Content marketing is an essential component of any modern SEO (search engine optimization) strategy. But be warned, getting people to visit your website is the easy part. Getting them to stay is much more difficult. This is why your content must deliver real value to your target audience and not just be an exercise in generating clicks.
  2. It Helps You Build Your Reputation: When you share useful and engaging content, you potentially position your organization and/or yourself as experts in the field you operate in. Building reputation is vital because people tend to buy from people they like and trust. But reputation isn’t only important for sales. Building authority will also help you build better business partnerships (with other leading organizations) and also help with other everyday business problems — like recruitment.
  3. It Fuels Social Media Activities: Social media can drive instant traction to your content marketing efforts as your network of social media followers (and their network, etc., etc.) consumes and shares your content. However, the real question is this: If you are not investing in your own content, what are you sharing on social media? Someone else’s content maybe? Do you really want to pour fuel on someone else’s reputation? I didn’t think so.
  4. It Generates Email Subscriptions: Great content is the perfect bait to help you build out your email marketing lists. Content has value and so should never be given away for free. The “right price” for a piece of content (a blog post, a white paper, an ebook, a video or access to a webinar) is an email subscription. Remember, email is a great way to get people coming back to your website time and time again, helping you build that reputation, drive social media engagement and ultimately sell more.
  5. It Helps You Solve Problems and Save Money: Business is all about solving problems for your clients. However, this can be an expensive undertaking. Time spent on the phone or replying to emails can mount up and, as everyone in business knows, time is money. Great content that offers easy solutions to everyday problems (perhaps highlighting a product or service) can save you time and money by helping your clients to help themselves. Remember, if you can solve a problem for one client, chances are you can solve the same problem for many clients — so write down and share the solution.
  6. It Helps You Sell More: Add all of the above points up, and you’ll find that selling becomes so much easier. In fact, great content might be the only sales strategy you need.

Have you crowned content as the king of your marketing strategy? Share your comments below:

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