Remarketing Never Worked For Small Business Marketers — Until Now

Remarketing is a fantastic way for online marketers to keep their potential customers engaged with their brand after they have left their website.

The principal of remarketing is simple — a potential customer visits your website but leaves without making a purchase, your advertising then follows your visitor around the web (appearing on a wide range of highly visible sites), encouraging repeat visits and potential purchases.

Remarketing works incredibly well for websites that already command high volumes of visitors but for smaller businesses with less traffic, it’s not really viable.

It’s a simple equation really: Limited traffic = limited remarketing opportunities.

This is all about to change thanks to a new service from BoostSuite.

BoostSuite enables marketers to partner with like-minded organizations and build a shared pool of traffic which can be used to power incredibly targeted remarketing campaigns.

For example, a wedding dress boutique might partner with a jewellery store, a photographer, a wedding venue, a travel agent and caterers to build a highly focused but non-competitive network. Subsequent visits to any of the partner websites would then generate remarketing opportunities across a wide range of sites (including major news networks like CNN) for all members of the group. This essentially creates remarketing opportunities to attract visitors who may never have previously heard of your organization.

Try BoostSuite for Free

BoostSuite is offering marketers the opportunity to try their new remarketing service for free. The free service enables marketers to show their ads to up to 500 people per month. Registration is simple and no credit card is required.

The free service also enables users to share their blog content with like-minded sites, helping to drive organic reach and win new customers.

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Photo: Paval Hadzinski

Marketing Strategist, Author of #BecomingTHEExpert, Content Marketing Trainer, and Cyclist. Check out my author profile:

Marketing Strategist, Author of #BecomingTHEExpert, Content Marketing Trainer, and Cyclist. Check out my author profile: