Online Event: How To Write Expert-Led Marketing Content When You Are Not An Expert

Online Content Marketing Training for Bloggers, Content Creators, Email Marketers and Marketing Copywriters

John W Hayes
2 min readJun 26


If content is king, surely it deserves to be written by a true thought leader?

Sadly, in business, this isn’t always the case with numerous marketing organisations investing thousands of hours and countless pounds, dollars, and euros into content that doesn’t quite hit the mark or, worse still, perhaps not investing in content at all.

This online course has been created for anyone responsible for either creating or commissioning marketing content that is to be distributed via your corporate blog, email marketing campaigns, or social media activities.

W hat will you learn?

During this 2-hour programme, we will highlight:

  • Why you need to create expert-led marketing content to promote your business
  • The importance of setting clear marketing objectives
  • Who is responsible for producing your marketing content?
  • When and how you should hire a freelancer
  • Why you need to think like a journalist
  • How to identify your expert
  • How to document your content
  • How to write your marketing content
  • Where and how to share your marketing content

And finally

  • How to define marketing success

Attendees will also benefit from several dedicated resources, including the detailed briefing document I typically send to my clients before I accept a commission and links to the low-cost and free online tools that I rely on to produce professional, expert-led content.

W hy you should attend

Poor content isn’t just a marketing problem. It’s an organisation-wide problem. How many marketers come into a job, are thrown in at the deep end, and expected by the rest of the organisation to swim straight away. If they don’t have the tools and resources to create expert-led marketing content — the entire business suffers. Sadly, too many of these bright, enthusiastic, and creative marketing people are set-up to fail from the very start. It doesn’t need to be this way.

How to join this online event

This is an online event. Attendees will join the seminar via Zoom. Full joining instructions will be emailed to attendees prior to the event.

Date: Friday, June 30, 2023

Time: 10am-12noon (BST)

Cost: £25

Click here to register.



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