Marketers: Do Something That Frightens You This Halloween

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BOO! Halloween is just around the corner and marketers the world over are gearing up for fright night with themed campaigns promoting special events, seasonal products and unique “drop dead” offers. But Halloween doesn’t just represent an opportunity for retailers and the leisure/entertainment industries to scare up a little (actually, quite a lot of) pre-holiday business. It’s a great opportunity for any business to inject a little fun into its campaigns and showcase the more human side of its business (even if those humans are dressed up as zombies).

Halloween also signifies the start of the holiday marketing period. The buildup to Halloween on October 31st might be your last opportunity to have a little fun in the office before things start getting crazy. So dress up, carve some pumpkins and share the fun via email.

Remember: All work and no play make your business a very dull proposition. Halloween is a great opportunity to show your clients that the people within your organization don’t take themselves too seriously and are, in fact, very likable. I cannot say this too many times: People like to do business with people they like.

Trick or Treat for a Good Cause

If the thought of fun for the sake of fun doesn’t quite sit right within your organization, why not add a charitable element to your Halloween campaign and spook up some cash and much-needed publicity for a good cause close to your employees’ and clients’ hearts.

Do Something That Frightens You

While dressing up and party games sound like a lot of fun, this Halloween I want you to do something a little different. Because great marketing is not for the faint of heart, Halloween is a great time of the year to do something that frightens you. So why not take the opportunity to break out of your comfort zone and try something new?

Perhaps you could test something new that you’ve been thinking about for a while but have been too nervous, busy or just plain lazy to try. Maybe you could redesign your newsletter or change the frequency of your sends. How about launching a re-engagement campaign to breathe new life into a tired list? Start blogging, podcasting or broadcasting via Periscope. Launch a YouTube channel. Start ticking off some items on your marketing to-do list.

I don’t want to scare you, but the future belongs to marketers who are willing to push the boundaries. So why not take a leaf out of Dr. Frankenstein’s book this Halloween and start experimenting? You never know — your next campaign could be a monster.

How will your business celebrate Halloween this year? Will it present an opportunity to scare up new business or breathe new life into your marketing strategy? Share your comments below:

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