Making Mistakes on Behalf of Your Clients — A Good Thing

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How do you feel about making mistakes on your clients’ dime?

I was recently asked by a marketing agency how it could test email strategies without impacting their clients’ trust. They felt their clients had hired them because they were marketing experts, and therefore expected them to deliver successful campaigns without trial and error.

I suggested that they should be testing their clients' campaigns. In fact, I believe that firms that don’t make the occasional mistake on behalf of their clients are actually doing their clients a disservice. Moreover, I believe testing is such a vital component of successful email marketing they could actually charge their clients for testing services.

Testing allows you to make mistakes in a controlled environment and then refine your campaigns and ultimately steer your business (or your clients’ businesses) to great success. There is only one thing worse than making mistakes and that is not doing anything.

Even if open and click-through rates are strong and a client’s ROI is delivering on or above expectations, that doesn’t mean things cannot be better. Only testing can help you have a clear understanding of true potential.

Agencies should not be afraid to factor testing into any strategy they are rolling out on behalf of their clients. Yes, they should already have a significant grasp of email marketing best practices and have the experience to roll out successful campaigns accordingly — but best practices change, and ultimately only testing a client’s list will allow them to maximize their clients’ successes.

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