Is the fear of the unknown stopping you from reaching your goals?

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It’s impossible to plan for every eventuality. Yes, we can put contingency plans in place to secure our efforts but, more often than not, these contingency plans become roadblocks that prevent us from doing anything.

This doesn’t mean we shouldn’t carefully plan our content marketing projects — but knowing when to stop planning and start doing is a vital first step towards reaching your goals.

It’s the fear of the unknown that stops us from putting ourselves out there, putting our heads above the parapet and sharing our opinions.

How many great ideas will never be shared because of some irrational fear of the unknown?

How many stages would remain empty? How many great books would never be written (or worse still, left on an old laptop hard drive)?

I used to ask myself — What’s the worst that can happen? I now ask myself — What’s the best that can happen? Sometimes, the best goes beyond my wildest expectations. Believe me, when you plan for 80 percent of eventualities and allow 20 percent for chaos — great things can happen.

Will you embrace the chaos or will you let the unforeseen stop you in your tracks?

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