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When I first launched the Becoming THE Expert website, I wanted to build something that was more than just a blog focusing on my own personal publishing efforts and consultancy services. I wanted to build a community of like-minded thought leaders (covering a wide range of topics in the digital arena) who would share their insight create something that was, simply put, really useful to my (our) readership.

However, this task proved easier said than done. Building community is never easy, particularly when you are trying to keep multiple balls in the air. I just didn’t have the time to spend looking for high quality, original guest posts from credible sources to make the community work and so I continued to publish under my own steam.

Then I discovered BoostSuite.

BoostSuite describes itself as a co-marketing platform. However, I prefer to think of it as a dating agency for content marketers and bloggers who want to meet like-minded individuals and share content.

BoostSuite not only helps me find pre-approved, high-quality content for my site, it also allows me to share my content on other sites, helping me extend my reach and winning and influence new audiences, helping me find new clients.

I now use BoostSuite exclusively to manage all my guest posts and content marketing partnerships.

The site offers a freemium service for content marketers dipping their toes into guest blogging and a premium service (costing only $19 per month) which allows for unlimited shares.

If you would like to see your guest posts featured here on Becoming THE Expert and help to build a truly great thought leadership community, let’s connect on BoostSuite.

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