High Flying Editorial to Inspire Your Content, Email and Social Media Marketing Strategies

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Why do airlines publish inflight magazines?

You might think that they are intended to keep you entertained at 36,000 feet and make those long, boring flights seem a little more pleasant — but you’d be wrong.

The main purpose of an inflight magazine is to sell you another flight. It is retention marketing at its most glossy. In this respect, it probably has more in common with your content marketing, email marketing and social media marketing strategy than you might realize.

Think about it, there is probably no better time to try and sell you a holiday (or business) flight than when you have your holiday (or business) head on.

Inflight magazine content tends to be split into three clear editorial zones:

  1. Airline news and information: Designed to make you believe that the airline is a caring, customer focused, modern organization that puts people first.
  2. Destination reports and guides: Demonstrating that the airline cares about more than just your flight. They want you to enjoy the whole travel experience and perhaps inspire your next travel adventure.
  3. Aspirational lifestyle and celebrity features: Associating cool ideas and beautiful people with the airline’s brand. You might not be able to afford the celebrity lifestyle 24/7, but a short holiday can help you live the dream for a limited period.

Business owners can learn a lot about content marketing by picking up a copy of their inflight magazine the next time they are on a flight.

The content is highly targeted (i.e. they are actively selling airline seats to people who fly). They are positioning themselves as Thought Leaders by offering content that goes beyond the airlines’ remit of transporting passengers from A-to-Z. They are building brand and creating the perception of quality by associating themselves with aspirational topics and individuals.

3 Tips for Adopting Inflight Magazine Techniques into Your Content Marketing Strategies

  1. Be entertaining and informative: No matter what industry you work in, try to make your content as entertaining and informative as possible. If this sounds a little daunting, check out this post where I advise a chicken nugget factory how they could use email and content marketing in a creative and engaging manner.
  2. Show the way: Act as a guide to your customers’ success. Whether you are a fashion designer, house builder or tax advisor, your clients will always appreciate a little direction from someone they perceive as an expert.
  3. Celebrate success: Your customer base might not be made up of Hollywood A-listers but it should always be possible to find a “Rock Star” operating in your particular business niche. Feature these inspirational characters in your updates, have them share their secrets to success and associate their accomplishments with your brand.

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