Getting Lucky with Email Marketing

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I’m not a great believer in luck. Luck would suggest you have some mystical ability to attract good fortune. Call me a skeptic, but I would rather put my faith in hard work and persistence to get me where I am going. If you’re relying on luck alone to succeed in email marketing, you better be prepared for a little bad luck.

Lucky People

Lucky people tend to be in the right place at the right time. However, to merely suggest that they are lucky undermines the fact that they probably have been working to get to this place and time for years. In fact, I would suggest that calling someone lucky is a bit of an insult.

To be brutal, there is no such thing as luck (good or bad) in business.

The fortunes (and failings) of any business enterprise is down to elements such as the quality of product, service, and above all, understanding the needs of the customer and your ability to change.

Remember: In these disruptive times — regardless of your experience or business history — nobody has a God-given right to be in business.

Bad Luck

A business might fail because of an unforeseen change in the commercial landscape. This isn’t bad luck — just a failure to adapt. As an ex-newspaper man, I can tell from firsthand experience what happens to a business when they focus on their past glories instead of facing up to the realities of changing business trends. The decline of the newspaper industry wasn’t bad luck — it was a failure to adapt to change.

Note: Not all businesses can change. This cannot be put down to bad luck. It’s a case of evolution and survival of the fittest.

The Key Elements of Luck

Turning up and persistence are key elements of luck. The moment you stop turning up and pushing forward is the moment your luck runs out.

It’s funny, the more you do something, the luckier you get.

Don’t Limit Yourself

How many times have you heard about someone who has given themselves a year to start to achieve a lifelong dream (start a business, write a book, make it in the movies)?

Most of the time, they end up doing something else, blaming bad luck and just not being in the right place at the right time for their misfortune.

The only difference between them and the people who do actually make it is that the “lucky ones” don’t put a time limit on their dreams. They keep turning up and are persistent in their approach to reaching their goals. Yes, they might have to wait tables, drive an Uber or work in a job they hate until the big time hits — but they keep trying.

Note: Limiting the time you are willing to work towards something is almost like admitting to yourself that it’s a foolish idea and that it is doomed to failure. By all means, have a backup plan, but never give up on your dreams.

Re-evaluate Success

It’s also worth considering what success looks like. If you do something you love and are able to earn a living from it — or even just supplement your income from it — isn’t that some form of success?

Getting Lucky with Email Marketing

If you want to experiment with luck and email marketing, I suggest you keep sending out those untested newsletters shotgun style to your subscribers. You might get lucky and land the odd sale here and there.

But if you want to improve your email marketing success — you’ll want to develop a more scientific approach to putting the right message in front of the right person at the right time.

Once you start segmenting your lists, testing various components of your campaigns, optimizing your strategies based on engagement and increasing your frequency of sends — you’ll be amazed at how lucky you get.

Are you trusting your future email marketing success to luck? Isn’t it time that you invested something a little tangible into your future success? How lucky are you? Share your comments below:

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