Forget the BIG Marketing Campaign

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When you invest all your time, effort, and money into a big marketing campaign what happens when it doesn’t quite work out? You’ve wasted a lot of time, effort, and money — right?

Seriously, how many marketers have left a big marketing event (like a trade show or conference) and thought — how the hell am I going to justify the expense of this based on the number of leads/sales it has generated?

Instead, you should focus on pushing out regular bite-sized campaigns which are perfectly suited to today’s socially-led environment.

Thinking small means taking the time to create more blog posts, podcasts, memes, infographics, photos, videos, emails, webinars, etc., etc.

While these campaigns might not have the impact of the big standalone campaign, they certainly carry less risk. And remember, lots of small campaigns (with a clear objective) all add up to make a big impression.

Can you afford not to invest in small marketing campaigns?

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