Five Reasons Why Publishers Should Invest in Email Marketing

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I often tell my clients, no matter what they do, that we are all publishers now. Online publishing platforms like WordPress, social networks like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter; and video sharing channels like YouTube make it incredibly easy for any business to publish its own content, bypassing the traditional media and efficiently communicating with its target audience.


While creating fresh and engaging content can be something of a challenge to many small business marketers, the return on investment from your content marketing efforts can be staggering.


  1. Google loves fresh content.
  2. Your clients and (perhaps more importantly) potential clients love informative, engaging content.
  3. Great content can help differentiate your business from your competitors and help position you as a thought leader.

Email Marketing

While the aforementioned publishing channels are incredibly easy to implement — there is one equally simple channel that is often overlooked — email.

Here are five reasons why publishers cannot ignore email:

  1. Passive Traffic Generation: While great content will help active searchers find your business, email marketing keeps people coming back to your site by reminding them about how valuable your opinion is.
  2. Can Be Consumed Anywhere: Once an email lands in a subscriber’s inbox, it can be consumed anywhere. Email is a native application on all smartphones and can be accessed without eating too much data. This makes the email inbox the ideal publishing platform for engaging with people on the move.
  3. New Commercial Opportunities: As your email subscriber base grows, it has the potential to open up new commercial opportunities such as newsletter sponsorship or affiliate marketing. Unlike other advertising platforms, email newsletters aren’t impacted by ad-blockers.
  4. Breaking News: Email newsletters are not restricted to any publishing schedule. When news breaks, you can be sure you can put your content in front of the right people at the right time.
  5. Two-Way Communication Channel: Because email is a two-way communication channel, your newsletter creates a great opportunity to open a dialog with your subscribers. In many ways, email was the first (albeit closed) social network.

Are you a publisher? How does email marketing help you communicate with your audience? Share your comments below:

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