Entrepreneurial Secrets: Never Be Afraid to Outsource

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Everyone has a talent. As entrepreneurs, we take these talents and turn them into business ideas. We are the lucky ones. If you can earn a living doing what you are good at and enjoy, some might say you are “living the dream.” If only running a business was that easy — because sometimes dreams can turn into nightmares.

No business can exist solely on the talents of its founder. Sure, you might be a fantastic artisan baker, jewelry designer, bike mechanic, travel writer or whatever it is you love doing — but running a business is so much more than that.

A Waste of Time

There are certain things I consider myself to be very good at. There are other things that I can turn my hand to but would never claim to be an expert in. Then, there are those jobs that I do week in and week out that I am just terrible at.

Like many other entrepreneurs, I suffer from superhero syndrome. This means that I believe I can and should do everything in my business. This is a foolish notion because, more often than not, when I focus on tasks I have no interest or skills in, I fall flat on my face.

I probably waste more time trying to do things myself, often abandoning the project after many, many wasted hours and eventually outsourcing it, than I do procrastinating (and I’m a terrible procrastinator).


The crazy thing is, outsourcing is often so painless and (can be) so cheap that the wasted time and effort (which all costs money) spent of products is magnified many times over.

How much more productive could I be if I outsourced certain tasks (which I neither enjoy or am very good at) from the get-go?

The Gig Economy

Websites powering the “gig economy,” such as UpWork and Fiverr, provide entrepreneurs with access to literally millions of experts who can make light work of the jobs they hate doing.

Need a video or podcast edited? Need a new logo designed? Need a presentation formatted? Need your annual tax return filed? Need new products uploaded to your eCommerce site?

These are all tasks I’ve wasted too much of my time doing (and not doing a very good job at).

So much so that when I do bite the bullet and outsource them, I’m always bitterly disappointed with myself for not doing it sooner.

Note: You can even outsource your entire email marketing strategy to the experts here at iContact. If you think your email marketing campaigns are leaving cash on the table, it may be worth starting a conversation today.

Give It Up

What jobs would you like taken off your hands? Share your comments below:

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