Email Marketing Will Not Make You Rich

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As a professional marketer, I shudder whenever I see the claims of less-scrupulous marketers, suggesting that online marketing will make you rich.

You know the kind of thing. There is always a young marketer, relaxing on holiday, enjoying the fruits of his or her (lack of) labor. There is always a lot of talk and never any real insight into what they are selling. Well, I’m here to burst their bubble. Email marketing (or any other kind of marketing) will not make you rich.

It’s not marketing that makes you rich. It’s having a great product and/or providing great service that will make you rich. Marketing is just the thing that reminds people about your product/service and keeps them coming back for more.

Marketing might drive initial sales, but it will never drive repeat business or recommendations if your product or service is not up to scratch.

In fact, if you are spending good money on marketing a bad product or service, then there is a very good chance that marketing will make you poorer.

Get your product/service right first and the rest will follow. And yes, marketing is a big part of that.

Four Things to Get Right Before Spending a Penny on Marketing

  1. Your Product/Service: Without these, you don’t have a business. Make sure you have the best possible product or service before you go to market. A poor product/service could potentially damage your business beyond repair.
  2. Your Pricing Strategy: Your pricing strategy should be based on a number of factors, including your target market, the quality of your product or service, the competition and your expected return. Even in today’s highly competitive landscape, the cheapest doesn’t always win.
  3. Customer Services/Sales Training: If your staff doesn’t understand what they are selling, you’ll never hit your targets. There is also a huge risk of overpromising and underdelivering as desperate sales representatives clutch at straws to make their numbers. An investment in training is as important as your investment in marketing.
  4. Landing Pages/Conversion: There is no point in spending money on a landing page that fails to convert. Learn how to create the perfect landing page experience.

This post first appeared on the iContact Email Marketing Blog.

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