Email Marketing — Take a Local Approach

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“Email marketing wouldn’t work for me. All my customers are local.”

I hear these kind of statements all of the time. When I do, I normally reply with the following six questions:

  • Don’t your local customers use email? (Of course they do.)
  • Are your local customers busy people? (Who isn’t these days?)
  • How often do you speak to each individual customer? (Not nearly as often as you would like to.)
  • Would your local customers feel let down if they missed out on a great offer from you? (Yes.)
  • Wouldn’t you want to speed up the process of your local word-of-mouth marketing efforts? (Of course you would.)
  • Would you turn customers away if they weren’t local? (Not likely.)

The fact is, email marketing isn’t about the geographic location of your customers. Think about it: How often do you email people sitting in the same office as you just to make sure something gets done?

Email formalizes your relationships by documenting communications between you and your customers. It takes conversations (word of mouth) and makes a permanent record that can be stored, retrieved, shared and acted upon.

If you pride yourself on owning a local business, can you afford to let your local customers down by not keeping them engaged with email marketing?

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