Email Marketing Questions to Ask Before Hitting the Send Button

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Do you suffer from email marketing–related anxiety? It’s a common malady, normally identified by a quickening of the pulse, a dry mouth and sweaty palms prior to hitting the send button on your latest email campaign.

No Cure

While there is no cure for email marketing–related anxiety (and it may actually get worse as your email lists grow in size), it can be treated with some simple talking therapies.

Before I send an email to my list, I always ask myself the following questions:

  • Does the subject line tell the full story? Emails with weak subject lines are too easy to ignore and do little to encourage further engagement. Your subscribers want to see what the email is about before they click on it. Marketers often refer to these useful subject lines as “benefit headlines” — where you essentially push the benefits of opening the email. For example: If you are offering a discount, tell them how big the discount is and what products/services it applies to.
  • Is there an easy-to-follow call to action (CTA)? Email marketing campaigns without an effective CTA are like fishing hooks without bait — essentially useless.
  • Does everything work properly? An email campaign is only as good as the web pages it points to. If links are broken or your landing pages offer a confusing landing environment, your email campaign is toast.
  • What does my buddy think? Always share your email with a colleague or friend before sending. Their job is not to critique your work (too many chefs …) but to spot any mistakes in the subject line, body text or landing environment. A professional marketer, regardless of experience, would never risk their reputation by sending unchecked work.
  • Is this going to the right people at the right time? An untargeted send is as bad as no send, and it may even damage the success of future sends because subscribers will disengage from senders who constantly send irrelevant emails.
  • Would I like to receive this myself? I always ask this before hitting send. If I wouldn’t want to receive the email I’m sending, why would any of my subscribers? This is your last opportunity to make sure you are offering your subscribers value — which is essential if you want to see a return on investment and maintain the integrity of your lists.

We Care a Lot

A little anxiety before sending can actually be a good thing. It shows that you care about the quality of your campaigns and your subscribers’ overall experience.

Ask the right questions before you send, and your email marketing–related anxiety may soon be replaced with email marketing–related joy.

Do you suffer from email marketing–related anxiety? Share your comments below:

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