Email Marketing: Driving Customer Reviews and Selling More by Recruiting Brand Ambassadors

A Guide for Shopify eCommerce Store Owners

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In the world of Shopify eCommerce, it can be really difficult to differentiate your online store from the competition. The chances are unless you are manufacturing your own products, you are selling exactly the same merchandise as your competitors (with exactly the same product descriptions and exactly the same images) or trying to create a buzz around a “unique” range of “white label” products that your customers have yet to build that relationship of trust with — and let’s be honest, if the only unique attribute of your otherwise generic product is your largely unknown brand, you’re not demonstrating any real competitive advantage.

With this in mind, you’ve got to ask the question: Why should anyone buy from you when they can buy exactly the same (or similar) products from the likes of Amazon?

When you are competing against the corporate giants of eCommerce and a million other small guys, every sale is hard-won. This is why you need to recruit as many of your new customers to leave a product review and become brand ambassadors.

Positive reviews not only demonstrate that your products are up to scratch and showcase you as a trustworthy business that can be trusted with your customers’ money — they add content to what can otherwise be a pretty vanilla shopping experience where everything just looks the same.

A positive review will also:

  • Act as a virtual salesperson, highlighting what the reviewer loved about the product and potentially answering questions and solving problems for other potential buyers. Remember, when a consumer buys anything, they are often trying to solve a problem. If a customer review highlights that your product has solved a particular problem for one customer — it will inevitably solve that same problem for many more.
  • Aid your SEO efforts by creating new, unique, and regularly updated content to your website (Google loves all that stuff). When you consider how much it costs to drive traffic to your website, the value of free traffic should not be underestimated — this is especially true if you work hard to convert that traffic into sales and good product reviews will help you do this.

Automate Your Product Review Process

Generating customer reviews on your site isn’t rocket science. The best way to generate those positive product reviews is to simply ask your customers for them with a timely email marketing message.

This process can be automated within minutes using an email marketing app like , meaning 10 minutes invested today could help your reap rewards from your Shopify website for weeks, months, and even years ahead.

To learn more about generating more customer reviews to your website, .

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