Driving Online Reviews With Email Marketing

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Despite many of us relying on online reviews to help us make buying decisions, it seems that the business of online reviews isn’t a two-way street.

The fact is, although 90 percent of people read online reviews, only 6 percent bother to leave them.

This got me trying to remember the last time I left a review. To be honest I haven’t got a clue.

Update: You can read about the last online review I left here and why I think the review model is broken.

I do, however, devour reviews for almost any product or service I buy online. For example, I would never consider booking a family vacation without first consulting TripAdvisor.

Reviewers are a special breed. As online marketers, we need to embrace them and encourage more people to take the plunge. Because online reviews drive more sales we need to drive more online reviews.

Remember: Even a seemingly negative review can help sell a product or service. For example, a hotel guest complaining that a hotel didn’t have much in the way of late-night entertainment might sound perfect to someone looking for a quiet break.

Reviews also have SEO value. Frequently updated, original content makes your site more attractive to the major search engines.

Online Reviews and Email

Email is, of course, a quick and easy method of driving reviews.

Always try to remind your customers with an email following a purchase to leave reviews on your site. Perhaps you can incentivize them by offering a discount off a future purchase or entry into a prize draw.

Reviews can also provide pretty neat content for your email marketing newsletters. Because people buy from people they like (or can identify with) an independent review may do more for sales than any amount of carefully crafted marketing copy.

Have online reviews helped you increase sales? Tell us how you encouraged your customers to leave a review on your website in the comments box below.

This abridged post first appeared on the iContact Email Marketing Blog.

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