Don’t Sell Your Secret Sauce — Give It Away for Free

Image by Pixzolo Photography on Unsplash

When I speak to marketers about bolstering their social media marketing efforts with a solid approach to producing high quality and useful content, they often question my business rationale.

They understand the concept that great marketing should always help solve problems for their potential and existing clients but are worried that if they share too much information they will open their businesses to attack from their competition or simply allow your clients to do the job themselves.

I disagree.

I personally believe, as marketers, we should give as much info away as possible.

Consider this: You’re an accountant. You’ve written a blog post, produced a podcast or posted a YouTube video helping explain how I can save money on my annual tax return.

Am I going to take your learnings and file my own tax return? No I’m going to pick up the phone and call you because I value your expertise in the matter. This example can (I believe) be adapted to any business type.

Quite frankly, my time is too valuable to waste on tasks that I have no expertise or passion for.

There will be people who take your advice and run with it themselves but they probably would never be in the position to pay you anyway (perhaps smaller, time rich and cash poor organizations).

As for competitors stealing your business, there will always be people who attempt to grab hold of your coattails but these people will always appear as second class imitators or followers and not originators and experts like you.

Great content is the foundation of any successful social media marketing strategy. The more you give away, the more successful you will be. So don’t worry about selling your secret sauce, it’s time to give it away for free.

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