Dipping Your Toe in the (Email Marketing) Water

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I’ve never been a confident swimmer. It takes me a while to get into the water. While my kids confidently leap in with both feet (regardless of the temperature), I prefer to ease in gently. But when I do finally find myself submerged, I quite enjoy it and I know that just a few lengths of the doggy paddle will still be doing me a bit of good.

Many marketers are in a similar situation. They know that email marketing will be good for their business but when it comes to taking the plunge they just haven’t got the guts to dive in at the deep end.

I recently had a conversation with a marketer who found himself in this position.

He told me that he wanted to start email marketing but was afraid that if his first attempts were not completely awesome, he would struggle to generate engagement via future campaigns.

There is Nothing Worse than Doing Nothing

While he is correct that poor, disengaging campaigns can damage the success of future sends, any campaign (as long as it is targeted and offers a hint of value to your subscribers) is better than not sending any emails at all.

In fact, not sending is perhaps more damaging to your list than anything else as emails become less compelling the longer you leave them on the virtual shelf.

It’s also worth remembering that email campaigns do not have to hit your entire list (or even an entire segment of your list) in one go.

If you are unsure about the quality of your sends, test the water first with a limited send and gauge the response.

If you’re generating satisfactory opens and clicks and not receiving too many (a couple is too many) complaints, hit the remainder of your targeted list. If your first attempts fail to set the world alight, take another look at your subject line, your offer and your call to action, and try again with another subset of your list.

The more you immerse yourself in the world of email marketing, the more confident you will become and one day (like my kids when they go swimming) you will be more than happy to jump straight in.

This post first appeared on the iContact Email Marketing Blog.

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