Creative Content Marketing: Old News, Fresh Leads

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Creating compelling content can be an exhausting business. It doesn’t matter how much passion you have for your particular industry or interest, there will be times when you will think to yourself that there is literally nothing left to write about. When you feel like this, most of the time, you’ll just be suffering from a little creative block. I’ve personally been writing about email, social media and content marketing for many years now, and I’m constantly discovering new strategies and ideas to write about.

Note: You can find inspiration for your content and email marketing strategies in many places. Here are just a few places where I go hunting for ideas.

However, churning out new content isn’t always the best idea, especially if that new content is of low quality or is irrelevant to your target audience.

Your Hardest-Working Employee

I like to think of a well-written blog post, which can be re-appropriated as an email campaign, a social media post, a podcast or a presentation/webinar, as your hardest-working employee (I’ve often referred to it as a foot soldier).

Just because a piece of content is old doesn’t mean it won’t remain fresh in the eyes of someone who has never seen it before. So don’t be afraid to reuse content again and again.

Remember: New prospects will constantly be falling into your sales funnel. While your business might have peak sales periods, you should never expect customers to act according to your timetable.

Email Marketing’s Role

Email marketing provides a fantastic opportunity to recycle great thought leadership content. Simple automated campaigns set up via an auto-responder, or through a more sophisticated marketing automation system like iContact Pro, enable you to get relevant, evergreen content into the hands of potential customers at the right time for them.

So next time you are struggling to find a little content marketing inspiration, take a look at what you’ve already produced and perhaps even discarded at the back of your content marketing cupboard. It might need a little dusting off and a little updating here and there — but the chances are it still possesses a great deal of potential if used correctly. This isn’t being lazy, it’s being efficient. If you can keep content working for you between bursts of creative energy, you’ll find your latest efforts are less forced, more insightful and better performing.

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