Content Marketing: What Does Document Everything Mean?

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One of the biggest challenges marketers face when attempting to build a comprehensive content marketing strategy (one that fuels their blogging, email marketing and social media efforts) is finding the time to create enough good content.

The good news is that great content is absolutely everywhere — you just need to know where to find it and how to capture it.

Not all content needs to be painstakingly planned, drafted, edited and strategically published. In fact, you probably produce and discard great content every day without realizing it, wasting a valuable opportunity.

Document and Create

I recently spent the day with a commercial artist, who told me that she didn’t have time to create new marketing content alongside her daily tasks of designing, liaising with clients and doing the everyday boring stuff of running a business (paying bills, sending invoices, etc.).

The crazy thing was that she was already creating a massive amount of marketing collateral. She painstakingly documented every aspect of her job. She created numerous sketches, she photographed and videoed projects throughout their creation, and she avidly collected “inspiring images,” which she curated on her personal (non-work) Pinterest board.

As a creative entrepreneur, she had more than enough material to showcase her work. It just needed a careful tweak here and there, a little thought about scheduling — and most of her marketing woes were over.

Smart Marketers Love Their Smartphones

The most useful tool in any marketer’s arsenal is their smartphone. Use your smartphone to capture ideas at the source (remember to send yourself an email reminder to avoid losing any inspiration to the fogs of time), document works in progress, and share ideas, inspiration and conversation with your community of followers.

Millennials get it. They document and share everything, and this is definitely a habit many (and I include myself in this number) perhaps more mature marketers need to embrace.

Note: One of the many reasons why I run “real-world” training events is to seek inspiration from my delegates. I always tell attendees that if they leave a training session with at least one good idea that they can successfully implement, their investment in time will be paid back many times over. My investment often sees far greater returns. I rarely leave a session without numerous ideas — all carefully documented on my smartphone during the actual event. Sometimes these ideas are turned into blog posts (which can be developed to form the basis of multiple marketing campaigns) on the train or flight home.

More Inspiration

When you document everything, marketing just happens. You’ll also find you have a very useable bank of inspiration from which you can withdraw already tested ideas when you want to plan and execute more fully formed campaigns (such as eBooks, drip campaigns, webinars, etc.).

How do you capture great content marketing ideas? Share your comments below:

This abridged post first appeared on the iContact Email Marketing Blog.

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