Content Marketing: Getting Heard Above the Noise

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With nearly 80 million blog posts published on WordPress-powered sites in the month of July 2018 — not to mention countless millions of other articles on channels like Blogger, Medium, Tumblr, Facebook and LinkedIn — getting your voice heard via your corporate blog is becoming increasingly difficult.

This bottleneck of content, often referred to as “content shock” (a term originally coined by the marketing author Mark Schaefer), means content marketers will have to work smarter and harder to see a return on their investment in content creation.

This, however, shouldn’t dissuade marketers from investing in useful, engaging, timely content — because when it is distributed via a strategic campaign of email marketing and social media activities, there is nothing that will work harder for you to build reputation, generate leads and, ultimately, sell more.

Not Just a Case of Shouting Louder

Successful content marketing isn’t just a case of shouting the loudest (or having the most budget to spend). The best content, in terms of its usefulness to your target audience, will always rise to the top.

With this in mind, your content should always:

  • Have a Clear Objective: Don’t just publish a blog post or send out an email marketing campaign because it is that time of the week again. Remember: If your content doesn’t have an objective, how will you ever know if it has been successful?

More Good News

Just because the digital landscape is awash with so much content doesn’t mean that yours won’t stand out. Lazy content marketers, trying (often unsuccessfully) to game the system and drive free traffic from social media and Google will not gain much traction.

Forget the quick wins and play the long game. If you invest in quality and put the right content in front of the right people at the right time, your content will always have value.

How are you investing in content marketing to ensure you are heard above the noise? Share your comments below:

This abridged post first appeared on the iContact Email Marketing Blog.

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