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Group Therapy for Marketers — Coming Soon To Gibraltar

John W Hayes


The Covid-19 pandemic, subsequent lockdowns, and changing work patterns of 2020, 2021, and beyond robbed us of many things. For me, it took my confidence.

Professionally, there is little I enjoy more than standing up in front of a room of marketers and leading a conversation about their content marketing challenges. As such, prior to the pandemic, I would spend as much time on the road as possible meeting marketers at my Content Marketing Bootcamp events. Then everything stopped.

The Content Marketing Bootcamp (Edinburgh)

Initially, I rescheduled my events, pushing them forward by a couple of months, thinking everything would be over by the summer. But as we approached Christmas 2020 and the Spring 2021, well, I was just about ready to give up.

Even after we emerged from lockdown, people just weren’t ready to go out into the “real world” and meet up again, and it was difficult (impossible) to get the Content Marketing Bootcamp off the ground again. I tried to run online events — but it’s just different in terms of engagement.

While I was lucky to fall back on client work, I really missed my little events, which have taken me around the world and introduced me to so many interesting and inspirational marketers. I’ll admit that I became a little depressed about my loss. I felt I had failed rather than just being a victim of circumstances. I settled into a routine that I wasn’t happy with and tried to put my bootcamps to the back of my mind.

Everything Changed in Summer 2023

I often tell my clients that the secret to modern marketing success is positioning the right content in the right place at the right time. If you get any of these elements wrong, you will fail to reach your objectives. For my Content Marketing Bootcamp, the right place was Edinburgh, and the right time was Summer 2023.

I spent the summer of 2023 completely revamping my Content Marketing Bootcamp before booking a meeting room in Edinburgh, and the response completely blew me away.

I was not the only one ready to get back out there.



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