Are You Guilty of Paying Lip Service to Email Marketing?

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We’re all guilty of paying lip service to various issues that impact on our lives. How many of you have announced that you are going to do something to support a good cause, rally behind a political party, be more conscious of the environment, address your work/life balance or hit the gym and cut back on sweet treats — and then quickly fall back into bad habits or just do nothing?

We do this because sometimes it’s just easier to talk about doing things than actually rolling our sleeves up and getting on with it.

It’s precisely the same with email marketing. People tell me all the time that email marketing is at the top of their list of things to do but never get around to it. This is a real shame — because unlike many of the other things we all give lip service to in our daily lives, email marketing is perhaps the easiest to commit to.

Small Steps

An email marketing strategy is incredibly easy to implement.

It’s as easy as:

  • Registering with an Email Marketing Service Provider (iContact has a free 30-day trial — you won’t have to ask your boss for a credit card).
  • Add a subscription form to your website and/or blog and drive traffic towards it. If you’re doing any type of marketing, you’ll already be doing this. The big difference you’ll notice is once a subscription form is in place, you’ll start to build relationships with people you’ve done business with before. Make no mistake — these subscribers have a lot of potential.
  • Start sending target campaigns. If you’re already producing content for your corporate blog or social media activities — this should be very easy.

Advanced Strategies

Once you’ve seen just how easy it is to start email marketing, you’ll want to begin exploring slightly more advanced strategies. Again these strategies aren’t rocket science. Simple things like list segmentation, A/B testing, setting up auto-responders, etc. can be done quickly and without the need for a degree in computer science. In fact, if you can list an item for sale on eBay or post a simple blog post to a WordPress site — you are more than qualified.

Big Returns

And when you see just how easy it is to drive engagement via email marketing in terms of traffic, inquiries, and revenue, you’ll wonder why you gave it lip service for so long.

And once you’ve scored email marketing off the top of your “to-do” list — who knows what you’ll get up to next? Will you start going to the gym, raising money for your favorite charity or take another step towards making the world a better place.

Email marketing is easy, you just need to stop giving it lip service and give it a go to see how far it will take you. Start your journey today.

This post first appeared on the iContact Email Marketing Blog.

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