3 Content Writing Strategies That Will Kill Your Blog

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It’s pretty much universally agreed, a good blog should be the beating heart of any content marketing strategy for any small business marketer. Tragically, I meet many marketers whose blogging activity would barely raise a pulse.

Creating killer content (arguably the most important aspect of blogging) seems to be the area where most people fall down.

I’ve come across all sorts of strategies for creating creative content. Here are three that will ensure your blog’s health remains critical.

3 Ways to Kill Your Blog

  1. Relying on Your Colleagues: As a marketer, YOU are responsible for ensuring there is a constant flow of high-quality content to your blog. Relying on colleagues, who are too busy chasing leads, fighting fires or just don’t have the skills required to write a decent blog post, to come up with the goods is not the answer. Great content marketers act like journalists. They ask the right people, the right questions and then, write the content themselves.
  2. Stockpiling Content: You don’t need a ton of content to kick-start your blog. Stockpiling content will just give you an excuse never to publish. Blogged content is like freshly baked bread — great on the first day, easily consumed the next — but it goes stale quickly so better get it out their sharpish. You only need one post to start a blog.
  3. Not Speaking to Your Customers: Many marketers’ relationships with their prospects end when they enter the sales funnel or become a client. This is a huge mistake. Both prospects and clients can provide a fantastic content resource. Look to them for testimonials, surveys or ideas of how you (as an organization) can make their lives (and their peers lives) easier. If you are looking for a list of topics to cover on your blog, your customers should be your first port of call.

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